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My Eventful Life

Wedding and Event Planning Company

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My Eventful Life


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My Eventful Life Service Offerings

Here is where you will find a list of the services that My Eventful Life offers

Full Wedding Planning with Design

(we need at least 1 year to get started)

• I am there for you the duration of your planning process from the moment you accept the ring to the day you say I DO creating, researching and pulling together the details of your wedding.
• I am there to create your design and décor vision and execute every single detail. I will be the one to put the finishing details on your wedding. I help you find rentals, sign rental agreements with you, set up vision boards and ensure your wedding has the design elements of your dreams.

Floral Design

(we need at least 1 month to get started)

• I create your vision in FLOWERS. I can create a plan for your entire wedding party from all of your bridesmaids bouquets, groomsmen's boutonnieres, mother's corsage, your reception centerpieces and most importantly your bridal bouquet. I am there for you the duration of your planning process from the moment you accept the ring to the day you say I DO creating, researching and pulling together the details of your floral design.

Partial Wedding Planning

(we need at least 6 months)

You have started the process, now you need me to finish it. I come in an literally take over your planning process. You have come to the realization that you can't go it alone. I will take a look at your DIY work, ensure you are on the right track and then set up a plan to finalize all of the details.

Hourly Consultation

(1 year to the day of)

• You just need someone to talk it through. You have clearly done all the work however you just need someone deep in the wedding industry to look at your plans and make sure they will work. I will give you suggestions from a professional point of reference, give you ideas in terms of how to reach your event goals and you and your team will execute those plans.

• As a consultant I will only give professional advice and will not carry out any of the assigned tasks unless hired by you. At that point you will choose one of the other packages.

Day of Wedding Coordination

(30-45 days ahead of your wedding and the day of)

You have done it all. Now you just need someone to execute your plans and ensure your plans come to life on the day of your wedding You want to be able to relax with your new groom. You don't want the stress of planning and conduction your own wedding. As your Day of Wedding Coordinator, I am there for you for up to 45 days leading up to your event and on the day of your wedding. I will conduct your rehearsal and make sure your day of is flawless. Your stress levels are at zero.

The Wedding Auditor

30 days up to the Wedding Day Only

As your Day of Wedding AuditorTM I am here to take a close look at your wedding plans. Do you not feel comfortable, something unsettling? Allow me to put your mind at ease and tell you what is wrong, and what is actually right with your wedding plans. You have done all the planning, and now you just want someone like me to fully examine your plans. It's show time, this is your production and I am going to conduct an Audit of your plans so far. I will tell you, in my professional opinion, what will and what will not work and why. Not only that but I will give you solid suggestions as to how to fill in the blanks and fix the problems. I will also congratulate you on a job well done. Once I have taken a look at your plan you are all set. Again, your stress levels are at zero.

Custom Floral + Design Services

30 days ahead of your wedding or event date

We do floral centerpieces, high or low designs all custom designed to your specifications. We use only the freshest, in season, flowers and the most beautiful vases and decor elements all custom for your wedding or event. We also provide a design only package that is chock full of ideas for your wedding or event. I provide a floorplan, diagram of your room or space and a mood board to ensure all of your vendors are on the same page.

Hall + Asbell Wedding at Spinning Leaf Vineyard

Photography by Curtis Starkey