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My Eventful Life Turns Two!!! Benefit-Toys for Tots

Posted on November 26, 2016 at 11:35 AM Comments comments ()

My Eventful Life Two Year Celebration to Benefit Toys for Tots!

Photos by Yvonne Jones and Square Biz Photography


I am laughing at myself right now as I think about my previous post. There I was, so motivated to blog, so amped to get my thoughts on paper and out of my head. I even likened blogging to exercise for the brain. I said you HAVE to do it, much like exercise; it’s not an option if you want to remain a solidified blogger. Well, hi again, it’s me 6+ months later proclaiming to the blogging gods that I am going to do better. Topics, that is what I need. A plethora of topics, well today I am blogging about my holiday event that I am worked so hard on. I was so excited to announce that I was hosting a networking event that was an opportunity for friends and my fellow contacts in the industry to get together and just celebrate us. We had an opportunity to network with each other in a laid back environment that was conducive to meeting people and making new friends. This was also an opportunity for me to share with the world that my companyturned 2 years old!!!


Turning two is a major accomplishment for me or for anyone really. Think about when a baby turns two years old. They are just getting their legs, having been walking for a year or maybe more. At this point they may even think they are ready to run. They think they know what to expect in the world but they really have no clue. They are eating solid food, and finding that some foods agree with their underdeveloped bellies and some does not quite agree with them. And most importantly they are beginning to talk. It’s the same in business. At two years old you have certainly learned a lot, you have even made some mistakes, as you carefully learn how to walk out into your passion. This is your time to try to walk with stability and possibly make a living doing what you love and have a passion for doing. I was laughing with a friend the other day and I stated, “a closed mouth does not get fed.” This is an old saying that someone else penned, certainly not me. But it’s so appropriate. If you do not begin to speak up for yourself you will never ever get what you want out of life. In the event industry, or any industry it’s the same thing. I have learned in the tiny little two years that I have been in business, that I am still such a little bitty baby in the grand scheme of things. Just as I know a two year old baby has come a long way from the newborn they once were, they still have a loooooong way to go. Growing up is hard to do.

Francoise and Raheem's Bling

Posted on November 26, 2016 at 11:10 AM Comments comments ()


I am blogging today about a subject very near and dear to my heart. If you are a guy (that doesn't like weddings) or you are not feeling all warm and fuzzy right now you may want to bookmark this page and come back a little later. Next week I will be blogging about the Carolina Panthers but right now...Its going to get a little syrupy in here for the most part. It's wedding season and I LOVE WEDDINGS!

Did I tell you that I love weddings. I am such a hopeless romantic. If I could, I would do as the young lady out in LA with the NBA husband that were married every year and had a wedding to boot. I would so do that! Aside from being a planner of weddings for others, I planned my own wedding and that of my closest friend. I have been a maid of honor and I took that honor very seriously. The wedding industry hasn't changed much in my opine from 2006 when I got married. Although, everything is bigger, faster, blingier and more easily scrutinized on social media. So you can't have a big, bad (not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good) wedding without the world knowing about it. And by the world, I mean the universe as in planet FB, IG, the Twits, and of course you know all of your wedding ideas will be chronicled on Pinterest. Which is where they came from in the first place.

My gorg couple Francoise and Raheem will enjoy a March wedding. They will have the luxury of that in between-ish Carolina weather whereby the temps will have just started inching up. No threat of snow in the Carolina's in March. This is my first March wedding, however I will say that the timing could not be better. We will have just recovered from the "AfterChristmasValentinesdayMarchMadness" craziness that occurs at the beginning of every year and like I said the weather will have just started breaking. I love that time of the year. It's when you anticipate the spring, just before Easter. But its still chilly enough to wear your fave blazer and a pretty scarf. You can still wear your bangs, or your hair down with no worries as the dreadful Carolina humidity has even come close to its peak yet.

Francoise and I have known each other since 1997. That's 15 years. That's a long time. She and I have similar interests, namely our impeccable taste in everything hair, makeup, shoes and fashion related. So it was only right that she hire me to coordinate her wedding :) Our kids play together and we talk weddings. They are just getting old enough so that we can have actual playdates and not just the chasing them around the house playdates, but they actually play now. We have started a tradition of spending Halloween together and its been fun.

Franny, as I affectionately call her is one classy lady. We talk wedding stuff all the time and we are now pulling into the home stretch on a March wedding that is going to be extraordinary! Francoise and Raheem are bling meets floral, meets classic southern charm, with a New York attitude all wrapped into one. She loves David Tutera, famed wedding planner. He likes remote control cars as well as tinkering with real cars. BTW she has about 5 pairs of wedding shoes picked out and will change dresses for the reception. Oh and her Pinterest wedding board is out of sight!!!

I LOVE working with Francoise, and this is, by far my favorite wedding yet. The year is still young. We have plenty of time to plan 2014 weddings. Well not plenty, but we have a little time.

If you have any planning needs, or even just questions about planning, getting started, or wedding coordination...Comment/Post here and I will get right back to you.

Headshot Photoshoot with Naturally You Photos by Jenny

Posted on November 26, 2016 at 10:55 AM Comments comments ()

This is the big reveal! I am super excited to announce that the headshots from my photoshoot with Naturally You Photos by Jenny are on the blog. I had such an amazing experience with Jenny. As you may or may not know, photoshoots are nerve wrecking. You are nervous about your hair, nervous about your makeup, nervous about your outfit. And this was all styled by "yours truly". I am a wedding and event stylist, so the fact of the matter is...I should be able to do this right?!?!


Weeeeell, I took a week to prepare my natural hair in locs and curls, a month to decide on the props and two hours to do my makeup. It was hilarious the amount of time it took me to prepare for this, mentally in my head I was going over my look on a daily basis. How did I want to portray my self, my brand and my business in these pictures? You would have thought that these were the last pics that I would ever be allowed to take. That morning, I got up SUPER early, and everyone that knows me knows that I am an afternoon person, I don't perform well at any given task at any hour before 10:00 a.m. The shoot was at 10:00 ( I think) it's all al blur at this point.


When I arrived on location (I sound like a true model) I saw a ray of sunshine surround Jenny!!! I instantly knew that it would be fine, as soon as I got out the car and hugged her. She immediately put me at ease, it was love at first sight. Jenny immediately began to take control of the shoot. She guided me, directed me, pushed me, complimented me, talked to me and most importantly she let My Eventful LIfe shine!!!! This was the most fun I have ever had being as nervous as I was at first. This pales in comparison to the family pics at Penny's and much different from the pics I took on my wedding day.


It was such a pleasure working with Jenny. She has a gift, the girl is talented. She took some amazing photos of me, when I saw it scroll down my timeline I shouted, who is that pretty lady? She found some lashes that I didnt know I had, she made my amateur contouring look like the real thing. She caught my good side, and most importantly she used her craft to bring out the best in me. Love her for that little bit of magic on that day!

The Top Five Tips to Hire Your DREAM TEAM for your Wedding and Stay Within Budget!

Posted on November 26, 2016 at 10:40 AM Comments comments ()


Charlotte, North Carolina wedding/event planner, My Eventful Life and wedding photographer, Naturally You Photos by Jenny, have teamed up for a blogging series for southern brides with an impeccable sense of style on a real world budget. Stay tuned for more wedding inspiration ( or join our exclusive email lists on our websites for even more Charlotte wedding updates.



How to Hire a Wedding Team on a Budget and Still Have a Fabulous Wedding



As professionals in the wedding industry, we know the struggle is real. You envision the wedding of your dreams, but you only have X amount of money to spend and the last time you checked, there are no money trees growing in your back yard. You want to be able to actually live after the wedding is over. There’s the new house you want after you get married and the new car that you need. You also want to have the budget for your dream wedding dress and the DJ that makes your friends remember your wedding as the best one of the year (or decade!)


We get it! So Stacie of My Eventful Life and Jenny of Naturally You Photos have teamed up to give you the top five tips to hire your DREAM TEAM for your wedding and stay within budget!


1. Make Sure Your Florals Serve a Dual Purpose


You’ve picked out the most beautiful flowers to accompany you as you walk down the aisle. Your bridesmaids’ bouquets are sheer perfection. Now use them for more than just the ceremony! Display the wedding party bouquets on your guests’ tables during the reception as center pieces to save on floral costs. After all, you’ve researched the perfect florist and created your dream flower arrangement for all of your female besties. Now, you get to put it to good use AND save money!

2. Hire a Wedding Planner that also offers Design Services


You need to know the difference between a wedding planner and a designer. A wedding planner is an individual that creates and then coordinates the timeline of the wedding only. He or she will only guide you on the decisions that have to be made leading up to your big day. This person will not be able to discuss the design aspects of your wedding. A wedding designer coordinates the visual aspects and the overall look of the wedding. While both of these are great to have, many brides hire two individuals to cover these features of their big day. It is more cost effective to hire a wedding planner with experience in design. This person can also assist you with choosing centerpieces, table décor, etc., as well as knows how to coordinate the event.

My Eventful Life, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, offers both design and wedding day coordination services. Learn more by visiting here

3. Hire a Caterer that is willing to be flexible.


Your caterer is your best friend. Sit down and ask them how you can save money on your wedding. Make sure they are willing to offer customized packages for your guests.



Nix the butler passed hors d’ oeuvres during the cocktail hour and consider serving light appetizers such as cheeses and crackers and fruit options as opposed to heavy hors d’oeuvres. For example, Mashed Potato Bars, are all the rage and rather inexpensive.

Consider a buffet-style meal as opposed to a sit-down menu. Buffets are often less expensive than sit-down plates. Your guests still get a full meal and will leave satisfied.

Consider cupcakes or donuts for the sweet part of your day! Sweet tables, and other sweet alternatives can be less expensive than the traditional wedding cake. Also, ask your baker or caterer if they would be willing to use a “fake” cake for your display. If so, they would serve your guests their yumminess from a sheet cake prepared in the back. Your guests would be none the wiser, and you save money in the end.



4. Hire a Photographer that Includes Engagement Photos in the Wedding Package

For brides on a budget, it can sometimes end up costing more to go to another photographer for engagement photos versus having an engagement session included in your wedding package. This doesn’t always mean just money. By building your relationship with one photographer, you’re more likely to save time and stress on your wedding day than by working with your wedding photographer for the first time on the day of your wedding.


For Charlotte brides, Naturally You Photos is offering free engagement photos and a free one year anniversary session for brides who book in 2016. Learn more by visiting here and receive your free wedding guide on the one thing brides forget when planning their wedding.

5. Check with your local Parks and Recreation for Venue Options

Many counties have beautiful park gazebos, gardens or indoor venues where you can get married for a fraction of the price of a full wedding venue. Much of the information on how to book a local park venue is on your county’s website. You may have to register for a wedding permit, but this could save you a lot of money in the long term. How would love it if at the end of the day your planner says that you are UNDER budget? Okay now how about that designer gown you wanted…

If you are looking for wedding inspiration, tips and tricks ( or photography ( follow along with us on social media.


My Eventful Life on Facebook (

Naturally You Photos by Jenny on Facebook (

My Eventful Life on Instagram (

Naturally You Photos by Jenny on Instagram (


If you’re interested in a free consultation for your wedding planning, contact My Eventful Life HERE (

THe Princess and the Prince Tea Party

Posted on November 26, 2016 at 10:20 AM Comments comments ()

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and passport ready My Eventful Life provides wedding and event planning services to the smart socialite. The woman who could (DIY) or do it herself, but doesn’t want to. She hires My Eventful Life because she wants to be on trend, but not look trendy. She also wants to have the most exquisite details for her event whether it’s her wedding, baby shower or child’s birthday party. But she also knows her life is an eventful one and that she needs help.


Every mother knows that moment, the moment you start thinking about your child’s birthday party in the upcoming year. That is a very defining moment, that is when all things are considered, in one short minute, including the date, budget, venue, theme and colors. All of which are decided in an extremely short timeframe. Well, even as a wedding planner that moment strikes up anxiety almost immediately. This year I decided to use this anxiety in a good way, so needless to say this shoot was inspired by my daughters 8 birthday. That means eight birthday parties, eight cakes, and eight birthday party themes. I decided this year was going to be the year we go all out and do something we would never forget at My Eventful Life. I don’t know why I didn’t wait until she turned 10 or even 16…but at 8 years old and having a mom as an event planner it just seemed right to do it now. I found that second to weddings, my passion is kids parties. I am inspired every year by the nerves that come with trying to outdo myself, so I will be back next year with that same goal. I hope you enjoy this party as much as I do.


Venue: Hey Sugar Shop Rock Hill, SC is a quaint little bakery, tucked into a cute, small South Carolina town right outside of Charlotte. It was like finding a surprise in the center of a cupcake when I met Mary Kate. She and her amazing “VIP Suite” was the perfect backdrop for our styled shoot/birthday party. And consistent with her brand, she was the most gracious host.


Shoot Theme: The Princess and the Prince Tea Party was an over the top blinged out tea party, complete with real china and tea sandwiches. We left no stone unturned with this one.


Colors Used in the Shoot: Shades of light Pink and hot pink, Gold accents, pops of Violet and Tiffany Blue, Dark Teal, Bright Yellow and a hint of Silver.


Stand out Details: My two favorite details has to be the mirrored Chandelier by Nicole Ketchum at Chandeliers by NK and the fine bone China by The Whimsical Rose. Both of these details stole the show, Nicole’s Chandelier was begging to be in this shoot. And I gave it a front row seat. From the moment I met The Whimsical Rose and she saw my determination in obtaining fine china, I knew I had met my spirit animal. She came through for me in a major way. I also am completely obsessed over the sandwich picks by Ascend Designs. They were personalized for the birthday girl in her name and the number "8". It's all in the details.


More about the Details: This shoot was an opportunity for me to show off my styling skills. I grew up eating dinner on fine china and using “real” dishes, so I wanted to expose my daughter and her friends to that experience. From the delectable and addictive finger foods served by Hey Sugar Shop, to the affirmations done at the end of the party by T'aira at Kiss My Tiara Party Company, this was all about giving these kiddos an experience of a lifetime. As T'aira gave instructions to the children about how to drink tea properly (pinkies up, hand under cup) and how to look in the mirror and love themselves, I dropped a tear.


Linens: I used a linen runner in a neutral bone so as not to distract from the florals and china. The room has a rustic feel so I used burlap chair ties. I used a rosette linen in silver on the cake table.


Stationery: I knew I wanted these invites to make her friends feel that this was a party they can NOT miss and Bonhomie Events and Design captured my vision immediately. Also, the invitation had to mention both boys and girls. We have a boy bff and the boy mom would never have forgiven me if they were not invited. Hence the Prince theme. The stationary had all of the colors detailed above with a sheen on the paper that once the envelope was open, we received immediate RSVP’s just as expected.


Place Setting: There were gold chargers, white acrylic plates, topped with an actual usable napkin in our hot pink, the lunch menu and a handwritten name card. There was also a gold and white polka dot party hat for each of the littles, and a precious candy wand by Lisa Frank that I just had to have as a part of the décor. This pulled together nicely and was so fun. Oh wait, lets not forget the monogrammed milk bottles by Events by Anderson at each place setting complete with each child’s initial. They actually used these for their pink lemonade sipped through a paper straw.

Photographer: Nicholas Bossi owner, Fotobossi Photograpy. He said “You are setting the bar pretty high mom”. Well you knocked it out the park Nick!

Planner: Lead Planner, Stacie L. Bittle My Eventful Life

Venue: Hey Sugar Shop

Birthday Girls Styling: My Eventful Life (styling) Dress Aeropostale

The Prince’s Styling: DejaBo Bow Ties

Cake: Hey Sugar Shop

Makeup: Makeup By Lissia

Florals: Hey Sugar Shop

Birthday Girl’s Accessories: The Bead Lady

Goodie Bag sponsors: Aloha Nail Wraps Avon by Samantha Confetti Gifts by Festivefetti

Stationery: Bonhomie Events and Design

Linens: Creative Touch Event Planning and Catering





A few DESIGN IDEAS FOR CREATING A Princess and the prince tea party

1. Go over the top with fine bone china.

2. Utilize sequins and sparkle in your décor anywhere you see fit.

3. Make sure each place setting is personalized for each child.

4. Sweets, sweets and more sweets did I mention sweets.

5. Give goodie bags that are unparalleled filled with gifts the child can actually use.

6. Use florals just as you would for an adult affair, and lots of them.

7. Make sure this is a learning experience for each child and have fun!


A heartfelt thank you to all of the above vendors for this project would have not taken place without YOU! For questions about any of the design elements of the event please feel free to contact me directly. I hope you enjoyed the party!

My Eventful Life



Married in The City-A Styled Shoot Photos by Michelle Flowers Photography

Posted on November 25, 2016 at 2:15 PM Comments comments ()


Married in the City...Charlotte that is!
Welcome to "Married in the City" a styled photo shoot produced by My Eventful Life Event Planning Company with the help of the absolute best wedding and event vendors in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding area! The shoot is featuring Myeisha and Jay (real couple) engaged to be married in a 2018 destination wedding. Myeisha Hamilton and John Henderson so graciously agreed to be our models in the styled photo shoot and were able to capture some incredibly beautiful engagement shots in the process. This day was sheer perfection!

I wanted this shoot to come as close to resembling a real wedding celebration as humanly possible sans the stress. I also wanted the set to come with the formality of an actual photo shoot. I wanted for everyone to step on set and feel the pressure to perform for the cameras. I know that sounds all Hollywood and is actually the opposite of how a great cinematographer, photographer or director for that matter feels so good thing everyone was completely relaxed. This resulted in some absolutely beautiful shots! I also wanted people to walk by and wonder, is this an actual wedding ceremony? Is this a wedding reception? Or is this a wedding celebration that just cropped up out of the blue at Metropolitan. The answers to that is yes, yes, and YES! This "wedding" was a brides took place in the center of one of Charlotte's most popular uptown venues on a stunning Saturday afternoon in September under the Carolina Blue sky. And most importantly it was fun and without stress.


Just as any other opportunity to show off our skills, all of the vendors brought their "A" game. We even had a casting call for extras (orchestrated by Keema Mingo of Mingo Studios) for a few "guests" other than actual family and friends to come by the shoot to pose as wedding guests. This made for a shoot that is unparalleled and never before seen in the Charlotte Wedding Industry. This was just plain fun!


The shoot is inspired by the hit show Sex in the City…hence the title "Married in the City". Just like Carrie and Mr. Big in the Big Apple, this couple loves their city and wants it all. Including love! The hope is that this shoot inspires local brides to hire those vendors that see your vision and are willing to take everything up a notch. That was this team. This theme will likely attract the millennial bride, the couple that wants some traditional elements for their wedding or event but also wants some trendy, hot off the runway inspired elements as well. This setting is for the Charlotte Bride that loves this city and wants to be its muse. We wanted to inspire local wedding and event clients to go on this journey with us, I wanted this shoot to also be a thought provoking platform for others. We want to hear "I want my wedding/celebration to look just like that in Charlotte, and include all of the same products and services".



Both Myeisha and Jay are Charlotte natives, and we wanted to utilize their beautiful city of Charlotte as our backdrop. We found an uptown venue that is somewhat secluded by right dead in the center of it all. The Metropolitan is surrounded by a new greenway that is full of mature and lush greenery sitting perfectly as our framework for the day. The site is a revitalized area of Charlotte that unless you have been around for a while, you would not know that it used to be called Midtown Square Mall. Historically, this was the place for all of Charlotte to shop and eat. This is still the case today. The venue was the perfect setting for love, laughter and joy. We started the shoot at 11:00 am and the sun cooperated for us and continued to peek out for us at the most opportune times.


How We Achieved the Overall Aesthetics of the Shoot

We had stunning views of the city of Charlotte, a buzzing uptown vibe, beautiful floral designs, signature cocktails, sexy desserts, hip and happening attire, a professional MUA on set and two professional photographers, gorgeous rentals, custom stationery designs, one of a kind accessories, a lot of bling and an overall socially conscious vibe that takes in all that Charlotte has to offer.

Here we have it the most dedicated, professional, creative vendors in all of Charlotte. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of them for lending their expertise on this day.



My Eventful Life Event Planning Company

You Are Invited Event Planning Co. IG: @youareinvited72

My Eventful Life Event Planning Company IG: @myeventfullife


My Eventful Life Event Planning Co. IG: @myeventfullife


Makeup by Lissia IG: @lissiamuaIntellectual Glam IG: @intellectualglam


Organic Imagery by Keyna B IG:@organicimagery3

Michelle Flowers Photography @michelleflowersphoto


Queens Sweets IG: @queenssweets

Raw Sugar Charlotte IG: @rawsugarclt


Designs by Kayla IG: @designsbykaylaky

Signature Drink

The Deja Vines IG: @thedejavines

Photo booth

QC Booths IG: @qcbooths


Ever More Event Company IG: @evermoreeventco


Metropolitan Charlotte


Keema Mingo MingoStudios72


Mingo Studios 72




Brandon Hyde IG: @djbhd #djbhd


The Bead Lady IG:@thebeadlady01



Myeisha is of course our gorgeous model and bride and her fiance Jay is our groom. We invited local members of the community as our guests, such as bloggers, other vendors, close friends and family. Stay tuned on for their love story…next on the blog!

Myeisha + Jay "Their Love Story in Bold" Told by Photographer Organic Imagery by Keyna B

Posted on November 20, 2016 at 10:05 AM Comments comments ()


Every bride wants to feel like a princess on her big day truthfully every woman wants to feel like her man’s queen on any given day. 
 At My Eventful Life, we think every bride should also get the opportunity to tell her love story.  
This love story will bring you to your knees (pun intended).

They Meet

Jay and Myeisha grew up in the same neighborhood but never crossed paths. But fate would bring them together after many years. In 2013, Jay and Myeisha connect at work. Not the likely story, John asked Myeisha for help with updating his resume. We all know how daunting that dreaded resume can be. His ultimate goal was to position himself in a better role with their current company or another company altogether. As the ethical professional she is, Myeisha agreed to assist John. With her resume skills, she was able to update his resume so that he would eventually be able to effectively look for employment. He now had a stand out resume to accompany his many professional accomplishments. Little did she know, this man would one day be her husband!



The Courtship Begins



Upon completion of the resume and his ultimate satisfaction with her work, John asked Myeisha if he could pay her for her assistance. She stated “No, this is what I love to do”, he insisted that he compensate her in some way and his second suggestion was dinner. Being the old-fashioned woman Myeisha was raised to be, she stated “No, but you can take me to lunch”. Within the week, they went to lunch at Pinky’s. After Pinky’s they kept in touch by meeting for daily workouts (John is a professional trainer) and within 6 months, John and Myeisha were exclusively courting each other.

Within 1 year of courting, Jay and Myeisha mutually decided to be in a monogamous relationship. They started introducing and mingling with each other’s friends, families and instantly became a social media hit. Follow their love story at #hendersonclt18 and #westsidecltlovestory. This is a true West Side Charlotte love story, and we cannot wait to watch their love unfold.

So how did he pull off the
actual engagement?

After 2 years and 3 months, John stated to Myeisha that he wanted their families to meet in one place and break bread together. (this is getting serious uh oh…;) She thought it was a good idea and Thanksgiving was coming up. So November 14, 2015 was the date they set. This was to be the “Thankful” themed, Thanksgiving lunch. John found the perfect location, the weather was perfect, the catered food was amazing and they had a professional photographer to catch every moment of their most memorable family gathering.

To follow John + Myeisha's Love story in real time go to My Eventful Life on Facebook and My Eventful Life on Instagram . These pictures are from the styled engagement phot shoot  "Married in the City" with the most fantastic vendor team EVER!  



My Eventful Life Event Planning Co.

My Eventful Life Event Planning Co. on Instagram

My Eventful Life Event Planning Co. on Facebook

You Are Invited Event Planning Co.

You Are Invited Event Planning Co. on Instagram

You Are Invited Event Planning Co. on Facebook


My Eventful Life Event Planning Co.


Makeup by Lissia

Makeup by Lissia on Instagram

Makeup by Lissia on Facebook

Intellectual Glam

Intellectual Glam on Instagram 

Intellectual Glam on Facebook


Organic Imagery by Keyna B

Organic Imagery by Keyna B on Facebook  

Organic Imagery by Keyna B on Instagram


Queens Sweets

Queens Sweets on Instagram 

Queens Sweets on Facebook

Raw Sugar Charlotte

Raw Sugar Charlotte on Facebook 

Raw Sugar Charlotte on Instagram


Designs by Kayla

Designs by Kayla on Facebook

Designs by Kayla on Instagram IG: @designsbykaylaky

Signature Drink

The Deja Vines

The Deja Vines on Facebook

The Deja Vines on Instagram IG: @thedejavines

Photo booth

QC Booths

QC Booths on Facebook

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Ever More Event Company

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Metropolitan Charlotte


Keema Mingo on Youtube

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Mingo Studio 72




DJ BHD on Facebook

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Brandon Hyde IG: @djbhd #djbhd


The Bead Lady

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